5x7 Print- 4 Thieves and a Cop

  • 5x7 Print- 4 Thieves and a Cop

5x7 Print of my 18x24 Mixed Media/ Acrylic
In honor of one of my heroes, Monkey Punch (Kato Kazuhiko), this hand painted piece from the iconic series Lupin the 3rd in a Pop Art piece show casing the crew! As from one of my favorite series and such a fun cast of characters I needed this to be bold. I included the trademark bullet crack from the logo. The colors and heavy line work was something I really try to strive for in all my pieces. The pastel yellow is based on the yellow occasionally used in the eye catchers in the current seasons. It is more my style and has more of what others call urban feel. I grew on this kind of art so its so fun to bring anime to this style. Check out more IVANPATCH Merchandise on TEESPRING.com/stores/ivanpatch