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Evangelion- Trio (Black and White)


  • Image of Evangelion- Trio (Black and White)

12x36- Acrylic ink
All 3 pieces for commission requested. Orginally started as a piece i just wanted to work on grew to be a full on commission by sweet vistor at Metrocon 2019. The black and white values are to symbolize the manga. These characters were chosen because they are the 3 mains of the series.

Image of Sharingan & Rinnegan
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Sharingan & Rinnegan
Image of Darth Vader Head Shot
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Darth Vader Head Shot
Image of Raging Eren (AOT)
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Raging Eren (AOT)
Image of Pj Mask's Owlette
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Pj Mask's Owlette
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