Giyu Tomioka (Water Pillar of the Demon Slaying Corps)


  • Image of Giyu Tomioka (Water Pillar of the Demon Slaying Corps)

18x24- Mixed Media/ Acrylic
Hand Painted Giyu from the popular/ personal fav series Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) in a stylized Pop Art piece with stylish bold anime color. I included the water stream for representation of the title he has as one of the pillars in the corps and his fighting style. As from one of my favorite manga/anime series I wanted to have him explode in style, color and bold line work. The colors and heavy line work was something I really wanted to strive for in this piece. The splatters of ink help invigorate the image especially in contrast to the rest of the color. I grew on this kind of art so its so fun to mix anime into this realm.

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