Solitude of the Insect Hashira

  • Solitude of the Insect Hashira

5x7 Print of my 24x30- Mixed Media/ Acrylic/ Ink Painting

Shinobu from the mega hit series Demon Slayer in a stylized Pop Art piece dividing the canvas from manga style to bold anime color. As from one of my favorite manga series I wanted her to be done in a alternate way from the normal style. I used the butterflies to separate the color and traditional B & W manga template. The contrast between the 2 sides of this piece speak to me and I am glad how it turned out. The colors and heavy line work was something i really wanted to strive for in this piece. It is more my style and has more of what others call urban feel. I grew on this kind of art so its so fun to bring anime to this style. Check out more IVANPATCH Merchandise on